Thursday, 24 January 2013

'Temple Run 2' Unlimited Magnet Cheat / Trick

The New "Temple Run 2" Trick, by which you can have more coins and more score is "The Magnet Trick" by Ishan Patel. Don't feel bored in reading a 5 minute article. It's a real Temple Run 2 Trick.
Before trying it I suggest you to go to level 5 and choose and magnet as power-up. Now using 2 Gems many times feel the side-box by tapping by which Magnet would last longer.

Now the real trick start, when the Temple Run 2 start, see the bar on left of Screen of Temple Run 2, which fills when you take coins, now once it completes.... it give you chance to use special power-up.
Double tap and Power-up ('Temple Run 2' - Magnet) would start. Now the side bar would start glowing when power-up gets active! Now slide left and touch the small wall, by which you can see the beast has come nearer but it would not eat you as you just touched the side wall! Now the glowing of side-bar stops.... and the meter starts filling and gets filled toatlly before the "power-up magnet" previously active gets completed! So when the previous magnet completes start a new by tapping and go on.... this way!
And you get more and more magnet continuously! But sad part is in Trolley area you cannot slide left and touch the wall to get along with beast!



Thank You!