Friday, 14 September 2012

Internet Download Manager Full Version Trick

IDM which is also known as Internet Download Manager is the fastest download client fordownloading files from Internet with great speed. The software really increase the downloadingspead. But it is not a free of cost, you have to pay some money to it's developer company, so that you can easily use the full version of Internet Download manager / IDM. But there are many cracks or patchs present over the Internet, which are being used by many of us, to activate their IDM. But in many Patchs or Cracks, you will notice that, you will be not be able to upate your IDM to the latest release, if you will update that, then you will get the error.
But with the use of IDM Cracker Tool tool you can easily update your IDM and make it full version software.
How to Update Internet Download ManagerIDM cracker tool
  • First of all go and Download IDM Cracker Tool.
  • Now after you have downloading it, open it and make sure you have already installedlatest version IDM on your PC, well if its not latest than you just need to click on Update in this tool and than go to your IDM and choose check for updates and update it too thelatest version.
  • Now after you have updated it, you just now need to crack it up so that its again full version and you can use it for as long as you wanted too.
  • So now just again go to IDM Cracker Tool and than click on the Start option and it will patch your IDM and after that enjoy unlimited downloading.
We suggest you to use full version after buying only!

TRICK 2----------

Follow below steps .: 
1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of IDM from the official creators website

 2. Now after you have downloaded and installed the latest version just close the IDM and now go to start menu and make a search for Notepad. 

3. Now right click on Notepad and than Run It As Administrator. 

4. Now navigate to .: C: > Windows > System 32 > Drivers > etc. > Hosts. 

5. When you are in the etc. folder you might not see any files their as you have click on show all files on the right hand side below.

6. Now open the Hosts file and paste all the below lines from the text file like in the image. 

7. So now as you can see in the above image how I have pasted all the lines at the end of the Hosts file, you have to do same as above, now hit save.

 8. Now when you have saved the HOSTS File you can simply enter any serials from below text file in your IDM Registration page.

Internet Download Manager Serial Numbers .:

 9. Now enjoy your full version IDM without purchasing or patching it totally genuine and totally not legal.