Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How to fix TeamViewer " Commercial Use Detected " Warning

I saw that many users having problem with Team Viewer commercial use, so i decided to make a post on how to fix this problem

Here are the quick steps to get rid of “Commercial Use Suspected” warning and continue to use the teamviewer as a free version. The instructions specified here, are intended for educational purposes only. Never use teamviewer for commercial purposes without proper license. 

Teamviewer Commercial Use Suspected Warning Message : 

Step 1 : Close teamviewer if its running on your pc

Step 2 : Click Windows Start > Run and Type %appdata% now find teamviewer folder and delete it.

Step 3 : Beware, This step is very important and you have to follow instructions with caution. 
Click Windows Start > Run and enter “regedit” and click OK. 
Find the registry entry located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > teamviewer and remove the teamviewer registry folder.  

Step 4 : Open this Website for Small Instruction. Click here...

Step 5 : Now restart the computer, run teamviewer and connect with anyone else remotely.

Note: Step 4 is not required, but you should do it for us.
There is no more pop-up's of Commercial Use Suspected warning and its gone now. 
Enjoy !!